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In Korea, the hangover relief drink market is both vast and innovative, catering to the nation’s vibrant drinking culture. As of 2024, several beverages stand out for their effectiveness, popularity, and unique ingredients designed to mitigate the aftereffects of alcohol consumption. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 best-selling hangover relief drinks and their key features:

Korean hangover beverages
Korean hangover beverages


1. Condition (컨디션):

This drink dominates the market with its use of traditional ingredients like Oriental Raisin Tree Extract and a blend that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine principles. It’s been a staple for those looking to alleviate hangover symptoms for over three decades.

2. Bae Juice (Korean Pear Juice):

A natural remedy sourced from Naju, South Korea. Korean pear juice has enzymes that help speed up alcohol metabolism, making it a popular choice for preemptive consumption before a night out.

3. 808 Dawn (여명 808):

Known for being 100% natural and utilizing traditional Korean herbs, though its strong herbal taste might not be for everyone. It’s recommended to be consumed before drinking for optimal effectiveness.

4. Oriental Raisin Tea (헛개수):

A hydration-centric drink made from the fruits of the Korean Oriental raisin tree, which aids in alcohol decomposition and is particularly popular during the summer months for its hydrating properties.

5. Morning Care (모닝케어):

A comprehensive option that includes raisin tree extracts among its ingredients, designed to assist in liver protection and alcohol breakdown, available in various formulations to suit different needs.

6. Pear juice for hangover (갈아만든 배):

Haitai’s pear juice not only tastes cool and sweet but also incorporates additional hangover-relieving ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and raisins, marking it as a versatile and tasty option.

7. Oriental raisin tea (헛개수 함유음료):

This tea leads the market with its blend of oriental raisin fruits known for their effectiveness in hangover relief, available widely in convenience stores.

8. Powerade (파워에이드):

A globally recognized sports drink, Powerade is appreciated for its ion replenishment qualities, making it a cost-effective choice for post-drinking rehydration.

9. Gangae muryang (간개무량):

A compact canned product by Bohae Brewery, incorporating milk thistle among its ingredients to support liver function and alleviate hangover symptoms.

10. Charisma (카리스마):

Based on oriental medicine and patented technology, Charisma combines natural herbal ingredients effective in alcohol decomposition, offering rapid relief from hangover symptoms.


These drinks exemplify Korea’s innovative approach to dealing with hangovers, blending traditional knowledge with modern research to create products that cater to various preferences and needs. Whether you prefer something sweet like pear juice, the herbal complexity of traditional remedies, or the straightforward hydration of teas and sports drinks, there’s an option available in convenience stores throughout Korea.


For detailed information about these drinks, including where to purchase them, visit Seoul Space for insights on Condition, Bae Juice, and 808 Dawn, and Korea Travel Pages for a broader list including Pear juice for hangover and others​


What makes Korean hangover relief drinks effective?
Ingredients like Korean pear juice, red ginseng, and Oriental Raisin Tree extract in these drinks are known to speed up alcohol metabolism and support liver function, making them effective in mitigating hangover symptoms.

Can I drink hangover relief drinks before consuming alcohol?
Yes, some drinks like Bae Juice are recommended to be consumed before drinking alcohol to help reduce hangover symptoms the next day.

Are there natural options for hangover relief in Korea?
Yes, options like Bae Juice (Korean Pear Juice) and Oriental Raisin Tea are natural remedies that are popular for hangover relief.

Is it expensive to use hangover relief drinks regularly?
Prices vary, but drinks like Condition can be around 4,500 won per bottle. Considering the recommendation of consuming multiple bottles per night out, the cost can add up.

Do hangover relief drinks have any side effects?
Generally, these drinks are safe and do not have significant side effects. However, it’s always a good idea to check the ingredient list for potential allergens or ingredients you may react to.

Can I find these hangover relief drinks outside of Korea?
Some brands like Bae Juice have gained popularity abroad, especially in places like Australia, and might be available in Korean grocery stores or online.

How quickly do hangover relief drinks work?
Effectiveness can vary based on the amount of alcohol consumed and individual metabolism, but some people report feeling better the next morning if the drink is taken as recommended.

Are hangover relief drinks a cure for hangovers?
While they can alleviate symptoms, they’re not a cure. The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink alcohol in moderation.

Why are hangover relief drinks so popular in Korea?
Due to the country’s strong social and corporate drinking culture, there’s a high demand for products that can help mitigate the aftereffects of alcohol consumption.

Can I take hangover relief drinks if I’m not drinking alcohol?
Yes, drinks like Oriental Raisin Tea can be enjoyed anytime as a healthy beverage, regardless of alcohol consumption.

Today’s Quiz

What is the main ingredient in the Korean hangover relief drink “Condition” that contributes to its effectiveness in mitigating hangover symptoms?

The main ingredient in Condition that contributes to its effectiveness is the Oriental Raisin Tree extract, known for its properties to help the body metabolize alcohol more efficiently.

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